Homeopathic Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women today, though it can also occur in men. Known risk factors include age, genetics, family history and environmental exposures, and researchers are trying to pinpoint the causes and find a cure. Everyone can be at risk for breast cancer, though 75 percent of cases diagnosed are in women over the age of 50.

Homeopathic treatment is a safe way to help treat breast cancer together with conventional medications and treatments.

Why use homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic medicines, based on the principle of “like cures like,” are small, heavily diluted substances that treat symptoms which in higher concentrations would actually cause the same symptoms in a healthy person. While it may seem backward, using homeopathic meds actually has a strong effect on breast cancer symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines are not intended to cure breast cancer; instead, they are used to prevent and ease the side effects commonly experienced post-surgery and with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radiation. These common side effects can range from nausea and vomiting to mouth sores, skin reactions, hair loss and hot flashes.

Conventional and alternative together

Medical doctors generally support their patients’ decision to use homeopathic remedies, yet strongly urge them to combine them with conventional medications. Using them alone is not a wise choice, as breast cancer is more serious than the common cold, but for alleviating painful side effects and psychological worries, homeopathy is certainly worth looking into.

The problem with using just conventional treatments and surgery is that just cutting out the cancer does not mean it cannot and will not appear elsewhere in the body. Homeopathy works from the inside out and goes through all systems of the body. It can also help with the stress and fear of the illness.

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Common Remedies

One study showed that Trammel S (a combination of 14 different homeopathic ingredients) provided significant relief for patients suffering from stomatisis, an inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth caused by chemotherapy.

Another study found that a calendula ointment helped prevent and treat dermatitis caused by radiotherapy. Other independent findings have found that cadmium sulphate has been effective in reducing vomiting and radiation sickness.

Of course, success hinges on being able to identify characteristic symptoms which will lead to specific remedies, so be sure to find a qualified and licensed homeopath in your area.