Homeopathic Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Choosing the correct homeopathic remedy requires close examination, as several remedies can seem appropriate for one ailment. Narrow the search by considering factors like cause and associated symptoms, in addition to the primary concern.

Argentum Nitricum

Argentum nitricum is indicated when acid reflux is caused by nervousness about an upcoming event, such as an examination or performance. The person will show signs of fear and distress.


The need for Argentum nitricum will display itself physically by an intolerance of heat that is improved by fresh air or cold. Symptoms intensify at night and worsen after eating (especially sweets), although burping may provide relief.


The remedy Lycopodium is formulated for sufferers of acid reflux who also experience severe heartburn after even a small amount of food. Cold food and drink, especially consumed from 4 to 8 p.m., aggravates symptoms.


Irritability and the desire to be left alone are good indicators for Lycopodium. Sweet foods are craved, despite their adverse affects, and hiccups, cystitis and gout may also be present.


Choosing the wrong remedy is not dangerous, as incorrect remedies are simply flushed out through the urine. However, discernment can save time and discomfort.

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