Homeopathic Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Might homeopathy be the answer to your prostate cancer?

Although the effects of homeopathic treatment for prostate cancer have not been conclusively identified clinically, a 2006 study published by the U.S. government confirmed that homeopathy almost certainly slowed the growth of cancer cells. Others swear that homeopathic treatment works to cure the cancer. Whatever the clinical truth, homeopathic treatment is a viable option for those with prostate cancer.

As a Side Effect Reliever

Many view homeopathic treatment as a potential reliever of some of the side effects of more conventional prostate cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy. Side effects from cancer drugs and chemo include nausea, mouth sores, vomiting and dermatitis. However, a 2009 British study found that homeopathic treatments, while fairly devoid of side effects, probably don’t do much to relieve the side effects of the more conventional prostate cancer treatments.

As a Slow-Down

Clinical studies have shown that homeopathic treatment can slow the rate at which prostate cancer cells reproduce, thereby slowing overall cancer growth in the prostate. In particular, Sabal serrulata (saw palmetto) has been shown to slow prostate cancer. Other homeopathic ingredients, on the other hand, including Thuja occidentalis and Conium maculatum, have not been shown (in a lab) to slow prostate cancer cell growth.

As the Best Solution for a Frail Body

Prostate cancer primarily afflicts men in their 60s and 70s. Sometimes, an aged person’s body is simply too frail to handle a treatment as intense as chemotherapy or radiation. In such cases, some doctors recommend something more along the lines of homeopathic treatment. In this way, the body is spared the jarring effects of the more traditional treatments. When the body is particularly frail, it is often best not to try to cure the patient but rather ease the symptoms. Homeopathic treatment may help do that for men with prostate cancer.

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