Homeopathic Treatment For Ed

The first step in finding an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is determining the cause of the condition. ED can be the result of a medical condition or of psychological issues. Homeopathic medicine is an effective treatment for some men facing this difficult and embarrassing problem. Homeopathy treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms of a condition.

Homeopathic Diagnosis

Homeopathy diagnoses conditions in a much more in-depth manner than traditional medicine. You will have to provide a full case history to a homeopathic practitioner before the correct treatment is given. You can expect to give information on your mental state as well as the problems that you are encountering with impotence.

Counseling is usually recommended, along with homeopathic medications, for erectile dysfunction. Look for a professional counselor or a homeopathic doctor for this part of your treatment. Erectile dysfunction often causes a patient to become depressed. Depression can also lead to erectile dysfunction, as well. You must address this aspect of your condition to treat erectile dysfunction.


Homeopathic medicine is based on the idea that like treats like. The medications that are used to treat a particular condition are chosen because of their ability to produce the same symptoms in a healthy person.

For erectile dysfunction some common medications that are used in homeopathy are agnus castus, caladium, argentums nitricum, causticum, selenium metallicum, staphysagria and lycopodium. Each medication treats very specific symptoms and temperaments. For example, causticum is used for a man who does not derive pleasure from sex and does not experience the same urges. He may also have memory loss and feel a lack of energy. Caladium is indicated for a patient who has interest in sexual activity, but cannot engage because of impotence.

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Only use one medication at a time to treat erectile dysfunction or any other health condition. Homeopathic medications are available in pellet form, tinctures, liquids and pills. Pills and pellets are taken under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. Liquid forms are administered with a dropper right under the tongue, or you can add the dose to a glass of water. Use one dose and then wait for the medication to work before repeating the dose. A second dose may not be required if the remedy resolves the problem. You should only repeat the medication if the symptoms return.


Consult with your doctor before using homeopathic medications on your own. Disclose any medications that you are taking to prevent possible dangerous interactions. Homeopathic medicine uses the smallest dose necessary to remedy a condition, but it is still possible to overdose on the medication if the proper precautions are not used. Use a trained and licensed homeopathic physician to treat your erectile dysfunction.