Homeopathic Thyroid Support For Cats

Hyperthyroidism is a very common problem in aging cats. It is defined as a condition where the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone and causes the cat to lose weight. There are a number of choices a cat owner has for treating this disease, however most are dangerous to the animal as treatment is aimed at killing part of the thyroid gland itself. Surgery is available to remove sections of the thyroid, radioactive injections can be used and medications can be given to reduce the amount of hormone being produced, but the side effects of these treatments can be devastating. The good news is that there are homeopathic remedies that are aimed at soothing the thyroid gland and naturally reducing the amount of thyroid hormone being produced.


The first step to helping the affected cat is to take him to a veterinarian and get a confirmed hyperthyroid diagnosis. Taking a small blood sample from the cat and performing a T3/T4 and TSH test accomplishes this. If the test is performed in-house, the results should be available before you leave. If the sample is sent out for an independent lab to conduct the test, it may take a few weeks to get the results.

Dietary Changes

The next step is to address your cat’s diet. Many times changing a hyperthyroid cat’s diet to an all-natural or raw diet helps to slow thyroid production. Commercially prepared cat food contains preservatives, colorants and other chemicals that tend to stimulate the thyroid unnecessarily. In an average healthy cat, this is usually not a problem.

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Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements are another consideration. Holistic medicine relies heavily on vitamin and mineral supplements to help the body heal itself. The same theories hold true for cats. Some supplements that have been shown to help soothe the thyroid gland are CoQ-10 and l-carnitine.

Herbal Supplements

Herbs are another great way to cut back on thyroid hormone production. Gotu Kola and Siberian Ginseng have both been shown to have positive effects on hyperthyroidism.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy also can be beneficial. The Chinese have long touted the benefits of acupressure on different body systems. Your massage technique doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective. You also will have the added benefit of providing some quality bonding time with your pet.


As you begin your homeopathic path to wellness for your cat, don’t forget to have your cat’s thyroid production tested regularly so that you know whether or not your treatments are effective. You may wish to try any one of the treatments above for up to one month and then have your cat retested.