Homeopathic Tendonitis Cure

Tendons are sheaths that connect muscle to bone throughout the body. When muscles are overused, injured, or otherwise strained, tendons can become inflamed, causing great pain and severely limiting movement. Homeopathic remedies can go a long way towards suppressing pain and speeding up recovery time. Several remedies are suggested for treating Tendinitis and pinpointing the correct one relies heavily on specifics.


It is always beneficial to consult a professional homeopathic physician regarding choice of remedy and dosage. In addition to physical symptoms, a homeopath will take into consideration any strong emotional side effects, patient case history and environmental influences. While taking an incorrect remedy should not cause harm, it will cost money and prolong pain, and some believe that taking an incorrect remedy for an extended period of time may actually cause the symptoms it is designed to heal.

Arnica montana

Arnica montana is largely considered to be the leading remedy for any traumatic muscular injury, where general soreness is worsened by the slightest touch. Arnica is also designed to treat the shock, confusion, and moroseness that often surround an injury. Indifference and isolation are other common reactions relieved by Arnica. In cream form, Arnica can be topically applied directly to the injured area. When taken before and immediately following strenuous activity, it can act as a preventative to future injuries.

Rhus toxicodendron

This remedy is especially effective for those prone to injuries associated with rheumatic conditions. Extreme restlessness, with a continuous fidgeting for a comfortable position, is a good indication for Rhus. Cold sores, dry cough, chills and fever may be experienced. Feelings of confusion or nervousness can arise. Symptoms are alleviated by movement, and worsened by cold, by rest, and at nighttime.


When there is evidence that the nervous system has been thrown off balance, Belladonna may be a more appropriate remedy. Indications for Belladonna include a flushed face, constricted throat, congestion, sensitivity to light and noise and heightened senses. Angry outbursts are not uncommon, and there is often a desire to escape and a tendency to indulge in fantasies.

Hypericum perforatum

Take this remedy for tingling, burning pain coupled with feelings of shock, melancholy and mental fogginess. Nausea and drowsiness are common, and symptoms are exacerbated by cold and touch. There is usually pain or pressure over the sacrum, and joints can feel bruised. Leaning the head back may temporarily relieve symptoms. Cold, dampness, stagnant air and touch will irritate.

Ruta graveolens

For those experiencing despair, insecurity, uncertainty, and fear after injury, Ruta graveolens may be beneficial. In such cases, headaches are preceded by eye strain, pressure and soreness. There is a general feeling of weakness and stiffness throughout the joints and musculature, especially effecting the wrists, back, and muscles of the thigh. Long periods of rest and cold weather aggravate symptoms.