Homeopathic Sinus Treatments

Homeopathy is used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. Cases of acute sinus conditions would include infections and colds. Chronic conditions include allergies. In treating for sinusitis, whether acute or chronic, many people turn to natural, holistic solutions, including homeopathy. As well, many people using homeopathic medicines tend to look at their health from a holistic standpoint and include nutrients and herbs in their treatment.

Nasal Irrigation

Holistic remedies often suggest adding in a nasal irrigation regime to medication. There are a couple of methods for cleaning out the sinuses. One is to use a neti pot, available at many drugstores. Fill the pot with a salt-water solution. Tilt your head and pour into one nostril. The solution should wash out the other. The other method involves using a nose or ear wash bulb, also available at most drugstores. Simply fill the bulb by squeezing it while the end is submerged in the salt-water solution. Then lean over the sink and insert one end into your nose and squeeze the bulb, forcing the water up into the sinus cavity. It too will run out the other side.

Homeopathic Medicines

Because homeopathic medicines are chosen by the symptoms and not the condition, there are many different medicines for sinusitis. As such, there are also formulas (blendings of several homeopathic medicines) available to treat a broader range of symptoms. Vaxa offers one product called Sinus Formula for chronic sinus infections. For allergy relief, they offer Aller-Sine and suggest altering your diet. At ABC Homeopathy, the site offers a list of symptoms for you to check and the site then recommends a homeopathic remedy. With head pain, nasal discharge with stuffy head and a cough at night, the site recommended calcarea carbonica. At the online site 1-800 Homeopathy, numerous medications are listed to help with sinusitis, including kali bich, which they list as one of the best medicines for sinus troubles. They also carry silica, which is good for all manners of cleansing. Lycopodium can relieve the over-the-eyes sinus headaches and is good for dealing with the common cold. They also recommend a few formulas: Sinus #203, composed of euphrasia, hydrastis, kali bich and pulsatilla; Sinus Colds/Head Colds #29, which contains just the hydrastis and pulsatilla; and Sinus/Nasal #10, a different mix of antimonium tart, kali bich and spongia tosta.

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Holistic Herbs

To supplement a homeopathic remedy, consider these herbs used to treat sinusitis: horehound, anise, echinacea and goldenseal (the latter two are also good for infections), fenugreek, brigham tea, lobelia, marshmallow, mullein, rose hips and red clover. Consider deriving some help from these nutrients: bee pollen, garlic, coenzyme Q10 and zinc. Allergy doctors often recommend eating honey collected from local bee hives to help boost your immunity against local allergens.