Homeopathic Sinus Relief

If you suffer from sinus pain, consider homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies can safely and effectively alleviate many common sinus conditions, whether they occur from allergies, colds or influenza. Homeopathic remedies, as opposed to conventional medications, use natural substances–including herbs, other plants and minerals–to elicit a response in the body to begin healing.

Kalium bichromicum

For allergies that bring on sinus problems, try the mineral remedy Kalium bichromicum. Symptoms and circumstances that indicate the use of Kalium bichromicum for sinus issues include congestion that causes headaches and improvement of symptoms when lying down, when in warm surroundings and when firm pressure is placed across the bridge of the nose.


If your sinus issues include frequent pain, try the plant-based remedy Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla is also referred to as Small pasque flower and Wind Flower, and grows throughout Northern and Central Europe, as well as Denmark and Germany. Other symptoms that indicate use of Pulsatilla for sinus issues include a runny nose with coughing, pain that is more dominant on the right side of the face, watery eyes and pain that occurs when the nose is touched. Symptoms will generally improve with fresh air and upon gentle movement or exercise.


For sinus problems with accompanying discharge from both the eyes and the nose, try the plant-based remedy Dulcamara. Other symptoms indicating that Dulcamara may be the appropriate remedy include painful pressure in the head and sensitivity to cold, damp surroundings. Symptoms will typically improve when in warm, dry surroundings.

Hepar sulphuris

For sinus problems that are associated with the common cold, try the mineral-based remedy Hepar sulphuris. Further indications that Hepar sulphuris may be the appropriate remedy for sinus and respiratory problems include pain in the sinuses, which can extend to the ears, and sensitivity to cold air, so much so that exposure to cold air triggers sneezing. Symptoms will tend to improve with warmth.

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Mercurius solubilis

When sinus issues are brought on by a cold or influenza, try the mineral-based remedy Mercurius solubilis. Other signs that indicate Mercurius solubilis may be an appropriate remedy include a raw, burning feeling with frequent sneezing and improvement with rest and stable ambient temperatures.

Tips and Cautions

It’s always best to consult with a licensed, professional homeopath in your area for remedy recommendations and dosages.

To purchase homeopathic remedies, check your local health-food store, organic-foods market or your local drug store.

The information contained herein is not a substitute for professional medical advice; it is intended for informational purposes only.