Homeopathic Remedy For Arthritis

Arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joints, usually in the hands, fingers, knees, hip and back. Joint inflammation can cause pain, problems with moving around and difficulty in normal activities such as opening jars and turning doorknobs. Homeopathic remedies for arthritis are based on natural strategies to reduce pain and may include dietary supplements, plants and herbs, and alternative therapies for self management of pain.


Apply heat to painful joints using a warmed rice bag, water bottle, or heating pad. This can be especially effective on stiff joints.


According to the Mayo Clinic, taken as a supplement or brewed into tea, ginger can relieve joint pain caused by osteoarthritis.


Nutritional supplements glucosamine and chondroitin may reduce pain in people with moderate and severe arthritis, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Fish Oil

Fish oil from supplements or from eating fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce inflammation in joints and relieve the pain of arthritis.


The roots of the Thunder God Vine have been shown to relieve pain from arthritis by reducing inflammation, according to a study done by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.


Some people may get relief from arthritis pain by putting magnets near inflamed joints, although there is no scientific basis for this form of treatment.


Physical activity such as tai chi and yoga may help loosen stiff joints and help reduce arthritis pain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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