Homeopathic Remedies For Vestibulitis

Burning sensations brought on by vestibulitis—inflammation of small glands at the entrance of the vagina—cause women discomfort and, at times, embarrassment upon pressure and touch, especially during intimate moments. If you’re suffering from vulval vestibulitis and want to treat your condition without harsh chemicals and medication, try some of the following homeopathic remedies to ease the pain on your vestibule (where the vulva and vagina meet).

Creams and Gels

Before trying any treatment, consult your doctor to ensure that your method of choice is safe and pertinent to your condition.

Use non-prescription creams such as aqueous cream and E45 to help clean, hydrate and soothe your vaginal skin. For best results, refrigerate aqueous cream prior to use; once cold, apply to the infected area. Since aqueous cream contains no perfume, plain, you likely will not experience any further irritation (as you would using a steroid cream).

Other creams and gels you can use to treat irritated skin include aloe vera gel, calendula cream and hypercal cream. Apply calendula cream to your external vulva and labia, for example, if you have rawness on those areas but do not have a yeast infection.


Diet may play a role in your vestibulitis. Start by limiting consumption of oxalate, a salt in food that causes skin irritation (you excrete oxalate via urine). Do not eat oxalate-rich items like beets, spinach, berries, chocolate and peanuts. The lower the amount of calcium oxalate in your urine, the less chance you have of experiencing irritation.

Your diet should consist of items like freshly-caught, cold-water fish; fresh, organic fruits (except berries); fresh, organic vegetables (except beets and spinach); healthy fats; and rice. Since soy contains plant substances (phytoestrogens) that may mirror estrogen’s effects on your body, eat plenty of soy foods.

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Eat organically-raised meat and poultry and organic dairy products (for instance organic non-sweetened yogurt). To help prevent yeast infection from setting in, restrict consumption of dried fruits, fruit juice and sweets such as cakes, candy, cookies, ice cream, pastries and pies.

In terms of beverages, drink a lot of water and stay away from caffeinated, chocolate and alcoholic beverages.

Other Remedies

Soothe your vulval pain by soaking in sitz baths of Aveeno oatmeal treatments or Indian tea bags. Buy Aveeno sachets from a local health shop, put a sachet in the bath and bathe for 20 minutes. Repeat the process up to four times daily. By putting teabags in your bath, a local anaesthetic (tannic acid) helps calm your burning sensation. You also can apply a warm, soaked teabag on your sore area at night. If you have a severely painful experience, use Emulsiderm bath lotion.

if you want to try an oral treatment to help treat your vestibulitis, take one of the following homeopathic remedies: argentum nitricum, arsenicum album, aurum metallicum, natrum muriaticum, platinum metallicum, pulsatilla, sarcodes, sepia, staphysagria, sulfur and thuja. To determine if these remedies (and others) will work for you and your condition, conduct a search at www.abchomeopathy.com.