Homeopathic Remedies For Skin Rash With Blisters

A skin rash that has developed blisters can be painful. You can use several different homeopathic remedies to heal a skin rash with blisters. Dale Swartz, a homeopathic specialist with NextCare in Minneapolis MN, shares some homeopathic remedies that you can try before you visit your doctor for medicinal remedies.

Dry and Alone

Make sure your blisters are kept dry, and left alone to heal. A blister needs to follow a certain course, says Swartz. It must get bigger and then pop all on its own. Placing wet or heavy bandages over the top of it will cause it to become too moist and wet, and this will cause more blisters to form. Bandages will also rub over the blister and will cause it to pop too soon, and Swartz says that this can lead to more blisters in the long run.

Topical Cream

Use a topical cream, like a triple antibiotic, to cure the rash around the blister, but leave the blister itself alone. The best cure, according to Swartz, is to try to stop more blisters from forming. Rashes should be out in the open, where they can breathe and be exposed to air. This gives them the best chance at healing, and will prevent other blisters from forming.

Gentle Heat

Give your blisters some gentle heat as you wait for them to run their course. Swartz says that if you keep your blisters dry, but still keep the skin around them warm, the blisters will be more likely to grow and shrink as they are supposed to. Spend some time next to a space heater or in a warm room, and your skin will help heal you of your blisters as you do. This is due to the increase in blood circulation as your skin warms up. Do not place anything hot on your blisters, however. Swartz cautions that this will make them worse.

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