Homeopathic Remedies For Pinworms

Most frequently responsible for passing along pinworms

Many natural and homeopathic remedies exist for the treatment of pinworms. Also known as threadworms, they are parasitic intestinal roundworms. The female worm lays her eggs around the anus of a human host. Eggs may be transferred (via skin, linens or other intimate objects) to the mouth and ingested, infecting a new host or reinfecting the same host. The eggs are also found in soil, putting children who play in dirt at risk. Homeopathic treatments are most effective when used along with good hygiene practice, as pinworm eggs remain viable in the environment for weeks, depending on the conditions.

Food Medicine

Eating food that contains anti-worm properties is the most direct way to get the medicine to the source of infection. Consume raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, beets and carrots, or try a mix of honey and papaya seeds. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, researchers discovered that this combination cleared the parasites from stool of a majority of subjects tested.


Mix a teaspoon of Vaseline and a quarter clove of garlic. If the mix is too strong (strength of the garlic may vary from clove to clove), add a bit more Vaseline until the sting or burn is eliminated. You may substitute any petroleum jelly product for Vaseline. Apply this to the anal area before bed.

Use caution when cleaning the area the next morning, as eggs may be present. Use a separate cloth for the affected area.


Shave or shred fresh coconut. Consume it with your breakfast and follow this up with a dose of castor oil three hours later. Castor oil acts as a laxative and should help expel worms treated by the coconut.

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Eat a cup of shredded carrot as your morning meal. Do not eat any other food with that meal. High in fiber, carrots relieve constipation, thus helping the body expel the worms.


Conduct a homeopathic cleanse for intestinal parasites using Parasitin. Its worm-destroying agents include papaya, carpaine, wormwood, cloves and black walnut green hull.


Take advantage of massage to help facilitate bowel function. Massage (general body massage or abdominal massage) can stimulate elimination, get things moving, but since it does not work directly to rid the body of parasitic worms, consider pairing it with one of the other homeopathic remedies.