Homeopathic Remedies For Mucus

Mucus is more than a runny nose. Mucus is produced by various parts of the body, including the intestines, nose, urinary and reproductive cells and other major organs. According to sinuswars.com, mucus coats membranes and prevents pollutants from invading the body. “Unless mucus production is abnormal (such as overproduction) mucus serves as a good frontline defense,” the website states. However, when mucus production becomes excessive, infections may occur. Homeopathy offers a safe alternative to conventional drugs while treating the symptom as well as it underlying causes.

Look for Clues

Mucus provides information about what is causing it. In order to address any ailment from a homeopathic perspective, you need to find out where the mucus is coming from and why. The most prominent clues associated with mucus relate to its color.

Mucus Colors

According to sinuswars.com, mucus is supposed to be clear. Green mucus indicates a sinus infection. Green mucus is often thick and associated with sinus pressure and congestion. Yellow mucus indicates an infection as well, and that the body is fighting off the infection. Generally yellow mucus will either turn green as the body struggles to fight the infection or will clear up as the body recovers. Brown mucus is often associated with smokers and those consuming massive amounts of alcohol. However, nasal polyps or irritated mucus membranes may also be to blame. White mucus is associated with drinking milk. This generally starts with a runny nose and becomes white after consuming milk. The milk will thicken as well as color the mucus. White mucus may cause stomach upset if swallowed.

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Treat Mucus Naturally

Let your body do its work. The best defenses against mucus are the bodies natural defenses. Unless mucus is followed by a fever of 101 degrees or higher, the body is effectively fighting the source. Homeopathic medicine offers a complementary approach to addressing the mucus. Use a homeopathic medicine that is formulated according to the color of your mucus. According to healthguidance.org, Belladona is effective in treating white mucus and Phosphorus is for brown or yellow. Oscillococcinum 200C treats mucus associated with flu-like symptoms.

When using homeopathic medicine, the symptoms may get worse before they get better, as the body’s natural defenses are activated. But with time symptoms will subside.