Homeopathic Remedies For Mood Swings

Mood swings involve a fast shifting of emotions that can be caused by a chemical imbalance, or produced by changes in your hormone levels. You may experience extremes in terms of depression, anger, elation and happiness, or you may shift between moderate emotions randomly. There are, however, homeopathic treatments for mood swings that you can use to balance your emotions.


In “Homeopathic Medicine for Mental Health,” Dr. Trevor Smith explains some of the herbs used for treatment of a variety of different mood disorders. According to Dr. Smith, a homeopathic consultant and psychiatrist, apis is recommended for treating irritable excitability and moods swings involving the onset of depression. This is also effective for dealing with feelings of impending doom, with the onset of sudden agitation, and for treating issues of restlessness. Apis can be offered to children at a dosage of two tablets and to adults at a dosage of four tablets every day to treat the onset of mood swings. The tablets are placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve.


Dr. Smith recommends the use of arsenicum for those individuals experiencing emotions related to restlessness, exasperation, irritability, anxiety and fear. Arsenicum is derived from a substance known as metallic arsenic and is a form of white oxide. Arsenicum is offered in small dissolvable tablets that are dissolved down under the tongue; adults can take four tablets every day and children can consume two tablets every day to diminish moods swings and related issues.


Calcarea is used to treat depressed emotional conditions and moods swings that shift into unexplained or sudden excitability. Calcarea is used to treat impatience and restlessness as well. This treatment is offered in dissolvable tablets; adults and children ages 6 to 12 can take four tablets of calcarea three times daily. Children younger than six can take two tablets three times daily for moods swings.

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Phosphorus is offered to those individuals who have sudden angry outbursts and for people who derive attention from laughter, or who experience abrupt phases of elation. Phosphorus is available in pellet form; adults can safely consume three to six pellets three to four times each day, while children can take one pellet three times daily to help diminish mood swings.


For individuals who suffer from low self-esteem, for those who become moody if and when they are criticized, and for those individuals who have sudden raging emotions, pulsatilla can prove helpful. Pulsatilla can be consumed by adults at a dosage of four dissolvable tablets four times a day. Children can take two tablets four times a day to help in rebalance emotions.