Homeopathic Remedies For Manic Depression

Homeopathic medicine treats manic depression according to the specific symptoms that the patient is experiencing. The treatment plans and homeopathic medicines are used to promote the body’s natural ability to heal the symptoms on its own. Bipolar disorder or manic depression is treated by homeopathy according to the mood changes that are experienced.

Homeopathic Depression Treatments

The homeopathic treatment for manic depression or bipolar disorder is much longer than the treatment for depression or mania alone. Each of these particular aspects of the disorder is treated separately for as long as each of the phases of the illness last. Every individual with manic depressive disorder will cycle through depression and mania at different speeds. Some patients suffer from very short cycles and are constantly suffering from steep mood swings.

The depression treatments that homeopathy offers are long-lasting and work within the body to find a treatment that works for the individual. Ignatia is prescribed for patients who are suffering from wild mood swings with their depression and find themselves sobbing uncontrollably or laughing at inappropriate times.

Aurum is a homeopathic treatment that is given to patients who are feeling suicidal and have feelings of low self worth.

It is important to visit a trained homeopathic doctor when depression is severe. Do not attempt to treat yourself with any of the homeopathic depression treatments.

Homeopathic Mania Treatments

Mania is a condition of bipolar or manic depression that can be just as dangerous as severe depression. The condition is characterized by feelings of elation and ecstasy, risky or reckless behavior, delusions of being excessively gifted, speeding thoughts and fast speech. Very little sleep is required during manic episodes.

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Homeopathic treatments for manic episodes include belladonna, hyoscamus, stramonium, varatum-alb, cuprum-met, tarentula, syphilinum, lachesis, arsenic, and platina. These homeopathic medications must be monitored and prescribed by a trained homeopathic physician. Never use these medications or attempt to treat severe manic episodes without the guidance and direction of a trained physician.

Managing Manic Depression

Homeopathic doctors recommend treatment with a psychiatrist and psychologist along with a homeopathic doctor. There have been no definitive studies on the effect of homeopathic medicine on manic depression or bipolar disorder. There are homeopathic treatments available for the severe depression or manic episodes that are experienced by bipolar patients.

Discuss your traditional medications with your homeopathic doctor and discuss homeopathic treatments with your traditional doctors to be sure that there is no dangerous mingling of medications.

The treatment for manic depression is much longer than it is for a single depressive disorder, but the prognosis is good once the right combination of medications are found. Homeopathic medication treats an illness by treating the whole body. Diet and nutrition along with exercise are also important parts of a homeopathic treatment plan for manic depression. Manic depression or bipolar disorder is best treated when homeopathic treatments are used in conjunction with traditional approaches to treatment. Discuss treatment options with your homeopathic doctor and psychiatrist to find the best treatment plan for your condition.