Homeopathic Remedies For Lowering Blood Pressure

A diagnosis of high blood pressure with no direct cause is often attributed to lifestyle habits such as poor eating, smoking and stress. This form of high blood pressure is referred to as essential hypertension or primary hypertension. Blood pressure is regulated by a highly complex system and fluctuates constantly according to our level of stress and physical activity. Homeopathic remedies can help to regulate and even lower blood pressure safely and naturally.

Valeriana officinalis

Homeopaths will sometimes recommend Valeriana officinalis to treat high blood pressure. It is considered appropriate for individuals who exhibit a nervous, irritable, restless personality and who find their overall physical symptoms improve (such as dissipation of dizziness, which is a common symptom of high blood pressure) when they are active and tend to worsen in the early afternoon or late evening, and when resting or sitting still.

Uranium nitricum

When an individual demonstrates personality traits of depression and irritability, Uranium nitricum is often prescribed by homeopaths. Uranium nitricum is recommended when an individual’s physical symptoms, such as headaches, tend to improve when they are in fresh air and when they are moving around and worsen when they are in warm rooms and if they eat sour foods.

Viscum album

Homeopaths frequently prescribe Viscum album to those with high blood pressure. Viscum album is the appropriate remedy when an individual’s personality traits includes fear and a detachment from others, and when their physical symptoms (such as profuse sweating) have a tendency to worsen in during cold and stormy weather, when they become chilled and if they are physically active.

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Cautions and Tips

This information is not meant to be used to be used as a replacement for professional medical advice; it is intended for informational purposes only.

Never self-prescribe; consult a licensed, professional homeopath for proper dosage and remedies.

High blood pressure is a life-threatening condition, you should always seek the help of a professional health care practitioner to safely manage blood pressure.