Homeopathic Remedies For Kids

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Childhood is a time filled with bumps, scrapes, tummy aches and an abundance of other minor health concerns. There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat common complaints of childhood. Having the right remedies on hand allows you to treat your children quickly and easily whenever symptoms arise. Many of the remedies useful for adults are also helpful for children.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is safe for children, even for newborns, because the amount of the active substance in each remedy is infinitesimally small. Children generally respond very quickly to homeopathy, and homeopathic medicines do not cause side effects like traditional medicines can. A number of homeopathic products are made especially for use with children. These are available in a base of lactose (milk sugar) and dissolve almost as soon as they are placed in a child’s mouth. The dosage will generally be listed on the package. If a particular remedy is not available packaged for children, Dr. Edward Shalts recommends two ways of preparing homeopathic medicines for babies and young children. First, get a small bottle of spring water, and pour out one-third of the water. To the water remaining in the bottle, add three 30C pellets of a remedy. Replace the lid and let the water sit for five minutes. Then vigorously shake the bottle. One teaspoon of this water is equal to one dose. This preparation will last for two days and does not require refrigeration, but always shake before using. The second method is to take three 30C concentration pellets and crush them between two spoons to create a fine powder. Add a drop of water, and feed the resulting paste to the child.

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Treating Common Childhood Conditions

If you have children, you will use several remedies again and again. Chamomilla, for example, is a remedy every parent should have on hand. It is useful for teething, colic, diarrhea, earaches, and fever. It is the remedy of choice for children who are crying and upset and who can’t sleep. In fact, just one dose of chamomilla can help calm a fussy baby or soothe a child who wants something but then refuses it as soon as it is offered. Arnica montana is useful for injuries, sprains and bruises. It is a good idea to have both Arnica montana pellets and Arnica gel or cream on hand. Rubbing Arnica gel or cream on the injection site after receiving a shot can reduce soreness and irritation.

Nux vomica can help with nausea and vomiting and with constipation. Arsenicum album is useful for diarrhea, colds and flu, and belladonna helps with fever, colds, flu, earaches, sore throats, colic and teething. If your child is afraid of going to the doctor or dentist, a dose of Aconitum napellus in the morning and just before the appointment can bring calm. Calcarea phosphorica can help relieve growing pains. For small insect bites and stings, Apis mellifica can bring relief. If your child is bothered by motion sickness and fresh air helps him feel better, use the remedy Tabacum; if he feels better when he lies in a warm room, choose Cocculus indicus instead. Stramonium can help children who have nightmares and are afraid of the dark. Pulsatilla nigricans can help relieve pinkeye (conjunctivitis), and Rhus toxicodendron will help relieve poison ivy.

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Other Homeopathic Products

Along with Arnica gel or cream, you may find some other homeopathic remedies useful. Hyland’s makes a number of combination products specifically for childhood conditions such as teething, bed wetting and colds. For colds and flu, many families swear by the proprietary remedy Oscillococcinum.

You can purchase individual remedies to build your own homeopathic medicines kit, or you can purchase kits that contain remedies chosen for their general usefulness in caring for children.