Homeopathic Remedies For Feeling Drowsy Tired And Dull

When you experience fatigue, drowsiness and an otherwise dull feeling, it can be as a result of recovering from illness, lack of sleep, stress, irritability and even dietary issues. Homeopathic remedies address this issue by taking into account the “whole person” and through doing so can safely and effectively treat the underlying issue which is causing your symptoms.


For symptoms of sluggishness and general fatigue, consider trying the mineral remedy Alumina. The remedy Alumina is extracted from the mineral bauxite, which is mined throughout the United States and certain areas in Europe. In homeopathy it is used to treat both nervous complaints and fatigue. Indications that Alumina may be an appropriate remedy is when the patient displays a lack of coordination coupled with weakness; his physical symptoms will typically improve when in damp weather, during moderate activities and while eating.

Chininum arsenicosum

When the patient exhibits signs of being dull and drained, try the plant-based remedy Chininum arsenicosum. The remedy Chininum arsenicosum is derived from the bark of the cinchona tree, which grows in South America; quinine is extracted from it. The other primary symptoms which indicate Chininum arsenicosum can be an appropriate remedy is when the patient exhibits an obvious fatigue, bordering on chronic fatigue, which recurs at specific times. The patient’s symptoms will typically improve when in fresh air, and will often worsen during the morning hours and when active.

Carbo vegetabilis

For the symptoms of dullness and weakness, try the plant-based remedy Carbo vegetabilis. Carbo vegetabilis is derived from the burned ash either from beech, poplar or silver birch trees which grow throughout the northern hemisphere. Carbo vegetabilis has been used therapeutically for hundreds of years for its disinfecting and deodorizing properties. In homeopathy, Carbo vegetabilis is also known for assisting with general fatigue as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. Other symptoms which indicate the use of Carbo vegetabilis may be appropriate is when the patient exudes a weariness even without participating in any physical activity. She may often experience low vitality as well as having swollen, tender glands. Typically her symptoms will improve when resting or when in cool surroundings and will tend to worsen in damp, cold weather.

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Cinchona officinalis

Try the remedy Cinchona officinalis for symptoms of drowsiness coupled with lethargy. The plant remedy Cinchona officinalis is taken from the Peruvian bark tree, also referred to as China bark and red bark, which grows throughout South America. In homeopathy this remedy is considered historically significant since it was the first remedy ever to be used by the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, to treat the symptoms of malaria. Further symptoms that indicate Cinchona officinalis may be an appropriate remedy is when the patient exhibits a tendency to be slightly nervous and jumpy, yet will have weakness in his muscles with the accompanying symptoms of being overly sensitive to both noise and odor. His symptoms will typically improve when lying down and worsen when in exposed to noise or when active.