Homeopathic Remedies For Fatigue

No one can perform to the best of his ability when constantly tired. This is why treating fatigue is so important. Although there are many treatments for fatigue that are based in Western medicine, there also are many homeopathic remedies that are worth trying. Once you know what is causing your fatigue, you can use the one that is right for you.


Eat foods that are rich in iron. Anemia is one of the most common causes of fatigue. In this condition, the body, due to the lack of iron, cannot produce as many red blood cells as needed. This is a problem because it is the red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. Without enough oxygen, the tissues of the body become tired more easily. If this is the cause of your fatigue, changing your diet to include things like green beans or liver can be used as an alternative to taking iron pills. The condition often appears in women who are pregnant or who have given birth, because their bodies need enormous amounts of vitamins and nutrients to support the pregnancy and to heal.


Stay hydrated. The human body is mostly water. When a person gets dehydrated, every cell in the body suffers because there is not enough moisture to function properly and to survive environmental stressors. This can cause chronic fatigue because the body has to carry out processes under conditions that are not optimal, such as cell production. Additionally, a lack of water can cause waste and toxins to build up in the body, especially in the intestines and colon. This buildup can make you tired because it affects the absorption of vitamins and nutrients into the body.

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Bowel Cleanse

Try a bowel cleanse. If you are constipated due to diet or to a physical condition, your body cannot get rid of waste and does not get enough vitamins and nutrients. Bowel cleansing, which can be done naturally through dietary changes or through naturally-based enema treatments, can help you to flush out the digestive system. The body thus is better able to rid itself of the toxins that make you tired and will be able to get what it needs in order to function.


Try changing your diet. Foods that are high in sugar, preservatives, or additives can make you tired because they affect insulin levels and metabolism, and because they are lacking in vitamins and nutrients the body needs. You don’t need to entirely cut out junk food, but limiting these foods gives you room to eat foods that are healthier for you. The healthier foods will boost your energy level not only because you’re getting more vitamins and nutrients, but also because they may help you to lose weight. The more weight you lose, the more energy you will have to do things other than carry extra tissue around.