Homeopathic Remedies For Diseased Gums

Keep your gums healthy and your smile happy with homeopathic remedies.

Gum Disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) can be treated homeopathically. Homeopathy, a form of alternative medicine, works with diluted preparations of substances which cause effects similar to the symptoms presented. These treatments are generally considered safe by conventional medicine but always consult your health professional regarding any medication to ensure it is right for you.


Gingivitis is the irritation of the gums. Symptoms include redness, bleeding and bad breath. Periodontitis refers to the more serious inflammation of the tissues that surround your teeth, which involves progressive loss of bone around teeth and can lead to tooth loss. People of all ages can be affected but teenagers are especially prone due to poor dental hygiene practices.


The main homeopathic remedy available for purchase at your local health food store or on the Internet is Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni in a 6c potency. (Homeopathic remedies are dispensed based on the centesimal potency scale. 6c is the lowest suitable potency, one that is not toxic.) Consider the use Natrum muriaticum for more severe disease. Each remedy should be taken as directed on the packaging, typically four times daily for up to three days.


To prevent gum disease, practice good dental hygiene, including regular daily brushing (include the roof of your mouth and tongue) and flossing to remove bacteria. Rinse often with a mixture of one ounce of hydrogen peroxide and one ounce of water. For swollen gums, rinse again with a solution of a half teaspoon of salt and a half glass of water.

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