Homeopathic Remedies For Cysts

Cysts are lumplike growths that appear on the skin. They are typically smooth to touch, but beneath the growth lies an accumulation of oil, pus, hair follicles or other substances. Other types of cysts can also develop on the liver, ovaries, kidneys, and other internal areas of the body. While pain levels vary, cysts on the skin may require drainage or surgery, and internal cysts should be looked at by a doctor. There are, however, several homeopathic remedies for shrinking and removing cysts of various kinds.

Homeopathic Remedies for Cysts

Silicea is an ideal remedy for cysts on the wrists, known as ganglions. Ganglions appear on the inside of the wrist and may cause some light discomfort. Silicea is available in capsule, tablet and liquid forms. The active ingredient in Silicea is silicon oxide, which helps reduce swelling and eventually eradicates the cyst.

For pilonidal cysts, which are filled with either hair or skin fragments, Heper sulphuris is an excellent homeopathic remedy. Heper sulphuris is derived from sulfur and the inner layers of oyster shells. Taken in pills, capsules or liquid, Heper sulphuris helps draw the pus and build-up from the pilonidal cyst.

Calcium sulphide is another homeopathic treatment that is helpful in draining pus from cysts. Available in tablet form, Calcium sulphide is also known as gypsum or Plaster of Paris. As it is able to permeate the cyst at a very deep level, it is often utilized when Heper sulphuris doesn’t do the trick.

A cyst may develop on the face or lip. For these types of growth, Conium maculatum can be used for its healing properties. Conium maculatum is also known as hemlock and can be purchased in pellets or liquid dilations. Hemlock is an infamously poisonous plant, but used in homeopathic medicine, it is well diluted and ideal for treating facial cysts.

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If you suspect you may have a cyst internally, it is advisable to see a medical doctor to ensure the cyst is not indicative of a more serious health problem. Women with ovarian or vaginal cysts may take Rhododendron in tablets or capsules as a means of eliminating the growth. Rhododendron, or snow rose, is the essence of the plant Rhododendron caucasicum.

Oophorinum can also be used for ovarian cysts. This remedy is made from the expressed fluid of sheep or cow ovaries. Ingested in pellets, tinctures or dilutions, Oophorinum can aid the body in shrinking or removing the cyst.