Homeopathic Remedies For Coughs

When the body removes irritants from the system by coughing, it is crucial not to hinder that protective and healing mechanism with over-the-counter drugs. Knowing about different kinds of coughs will help you match a homeopathic remedy to your specific symptoms.

Belladonna and Nux Vomica

If you have a sudden cough, belladonna may be the homeopathic remedy you need. This severe cough is accompanied by feeling hot and pressure in the head. discomfort inA dry cough with painful chest pressure calls for nux vomica. Keep this remedy handy if the coughing leads to tiredness, stomach ache and vomiting along with a sensation of cold.

Chamomilla and Pulsatilla

A persistent cough rising after wind exposure or sudden agitation, especially during the evening, can be treated effectively with chamomilla. This remedy affects the nervous system to provide relief and is especially beneficial in dealing with asthma. Use pulsatilla for loose morning and dry evening coughs that intensify due to room stuffiness, or if your chest aches, you feel suffocated and close to vomiting when you cough.

Sulphur and Phosphorus

Sulphur is an effective homeopathic remedy for bothersome coughs that get worse at night. A homeopathic phosphorus remedy helps ease the discomfort from irritating chest coughs that stifle you. When you have an increasing desire for cold drinks, try phosphorus, which is also effective in the treatment of laryngitis and voice loss.

Other Helpful Remedies

If your symptoms fit the indications, try ferrum phosphoricum (for the initial phase of cold and allergy inflammation), ipecacuanha (for intense coughing bouts that come in spasms) or bryonia (for a dry cough that dries the mouth and upsets the stomach). Rumex crispus is for dry cough that accompanies a stringy, frothy mucus; spongia tosta, for rattling loud bouts of cough through dry breathing passages; hepar sulphuris calcereum for long bouts of dry cough triggered off by any kind of cold, even via food or drink.

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Take one dose of the remedy that fits your symptoms, according to label instructions or your health care practitioner’s recommendation, and monitor your body’s reaction. If the improvement rate drops or stops altogether, take another dose.