Homeopathic Remedies For Colic

Among the many joys of bringing home a new baby, the experiences that accompany the role of a new or seasoned parent can sometimes pose interesting quandaries. While learning to adapt and adjust to a new way of living and sleeping, the unrelenting cries and screams of a colicky baby can be rather jarring. The use of homeopathic remedies for colic in babies, or adults, can alleviate the stresses caused by such pain.


1. Use Magnesia Phosphorica and/or Colocynthis to relieve colic pain causing irritation and what may appear to be nervousness. Drinking hot liquids, rubbing the belly, or placing something warm to hot, such as a heating pad or hot water bottle on the abdomen may also bring relief to colic sufferers. Magnesia Phosphorica and/or Colocynthis is suitable for both babies and adults. To administer to babies put 1 dose (6c or 12x) of Magnesia and/or Colocynthis (these two remedies are safe to use together) into the baby’s bottle and allow it to dissolve in a small amount of water, then give to the baby. Using an eyedropper, squeeze a full dropper portion into the babies mouth about 3 times a day for 2 days. If after 2 days symptoms are not better, discontinue remedy and contact the baby’s physician.

2. Use Magnesia muriatica to relieve colic pain which may be accompanied by constipation and stools that are green in color. The intake of cow’s milk can also cause such discomforting pains. In addition to stool discoloration, straining may also accompany the passing of small and nutty-like stools. Magnesia muriatica comes in three different forms, pill/tablet, liquid and tincture. No matter which form you decide to use (liquid should be given to babies), this along with the other remedies mentioned in this article are mild in nature. Therefore, 6c or 30c can be administered to adults, babies and children.

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3. Use Chamomilla if colic pain is causing a flushing effect in the face and if the belly is swollen or expanded with gas. Also, if the person (baby or adult) is extremely sensitive to pain and the navel area of the belly is experiencing great discomfort, the soothing effect of Chamomilla will bring relief. Chamomilla can be purchased in granule form and administered to children and babies. Two spoonfuls of granules can be given to adults and children about 3 times per day, or every 15 minutes. The Chamomilla will dissolve in the mouth. For babies, the granules can be placed in a bottle of water and given to the baby (boil 5 ml of water and let cool before administering).

4. Take Carbo vegetabilis to bring relief when there is belching and pain associated with colic. If the person appears feeble, faint and his face seems visibly pale, this remedy might help get his body functioning properly again. Give 1 dose (9c, 12x, or 30x) of Carbo vegetabilis to the baby in an 8 oz bottle of water, then squeeze a few drops into the baby’s mouth about 3 times per day until improvement is seen.

5. Give Nux vomica to a person who is experiencing colicky pains and feeling bloated to bring some relief. Abusing alcohol, coffee or any other stimulant-producing matter may result in colic discomfort. Nux vomica will also help in the case where a person seems to be anxious, annoyed or irritated as a result of the pain. Nux vomica is an oral liquid which can be given to adults and children 12 years of age and above (10 drops, 3 times per day). This remedy can be given to babies in their bottles, but consult your doctor first.

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