Homeopathic Remedies For Colds

The common cold is a viral infection. It is caused when your body is unable to fight off a virus due to lowered immune response. Cold symptoms include a stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, a fever, achiness or a general feeling of malaise, fatigue, and in some cases a cough or sore throat. Although there is no cure for the cold virus, certain homeopathic remedies may be useful in relieving symptoms or helping your body fight off the virus more quickly.

Aconite Napellus

Aconite napellus, also known as Monkshood, is sold at health food stores and comes in pill or capsule form. It is most effective when taken at the very early stages of a cold, and works best at fighting off symptoms that come on suddenly or intensely.

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum album is most effective for people who get colds frequently or those whose frequent colds are accompanied by sore throats and chest problems. The supplement can be taken regularly to avoid frequent colds, or at the first sign of a cold.


Belladonna is best used when a cold comes on suddenly. It works best for colds accompanied by fever, restlessness and a tickly throat. It should be taken at the first sign of a cold and helps prevent more serious symptoms such as the development of a nagging cough and throbbing pain in the throat.

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Ferrum phosphoricum can be taken at the first sign of cold symptoms and can help a cold from developing into a full blown cold. It can also be taken during a more advanced cold, and can help treat feelings of tiredness, fever, sneezing and coughs.

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Phosphorus is the best homeopathic remedy for colds focused in the chest. People who have one blocked nostril and one runny nostril also benefit from phosphorus. This remedy can be taken at the first sign of a chest cold or when symptoms have already begun to develop.


When you purchase a homeopathic cold remedy follow the dosage recommendations on the supplement’s package. Homeopathic physicians generally recommend taking one dose and waiting to see if symptoms improve. If symptoms begin to improve, continue to follow the dosage recommendations that came with the substance. If no improvement is seen or if improvement stops, another dose can be taken or a different homeopathic remedy may be indicated.