Homeopathic Remedies For Bruising

If you have an unsightly bruise, you might be looking for a natural, homeopathic remedy to help speed the healing and ease your discomfort. Consider trying creams and aromatherapy to aid in your healing. In addition, it’s important to know when to call your doctor.

Bruise Relief

To help heal your bruises, consider using arnica. Arnica comes in gel or pellet form for homeopathic use. Arnica, which comes from the arnica montana plant, can provide relief from muscle aches and stiffness from minor injuries, blows and swelling. It can also help with discoloration from bruises. To use arnica gel, apply a thin layer to the affected area immediately after injury. Then continue use for three times a day or as needed. To use arnica pellets, dissolve one to two under your tongue every 15 to 30 minutes until your pain is relieved.

You may also find relief from plants and herbs in the form of essential oils. In “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,” author Valerie Ann Worwood says that several essential oils can aid healing for common bruising. She recommends filling two bowls with water, one hot and cold. Add two drops of lavender, three drops of rosemary and one drop of geranium to each bowl. Soak a washcloth in each bowl and apply them alternatively to the affected area. After that, dilute the following into an appropriate cold-pressed vegetable oil and massage into the affected area: two drops of geranium, two drops of rosemary and one drop of lavender.

Also, consider taking ledum. ABC Homeopathy says that ledum is helpful for bruising and discoloration. In addition, it may help with stiffness associated with minor injury. Different brands of ledum have different dosage information, so check with your manufacturer to find out specific dosage instructions.

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To prevent bruises, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C. If you feel you aren’t getting enough vitamin C from diet alone, consider taking a multivitamin or vitamin C supplement.

When to See a Doctor

Though bruises can usually be treated at home, contact your doctor if you seem to bruise a lot for no apparent reason. Also, the “Doctors’ Book of Home Remedies for Women” suggests contacting your doctor if you have a large bruise from a collision; if you bruise easily; if you rely on over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen for another condition, such as arthritis; or if you develop a large, swollen clot of blood, as this could indicate another condition.