Homeopathic Remedies For Bell’S Palsy

Homeopathic Remedies for Bell’s Palsy

Any health impairment that affects the contortion of the face as Bell’s Palsy does can be embarrassing to discuss and seek treatment for. The earlier it is treated, however, the more effectively it can be remedied. Certain homeopathic and herbal remedies that can improve the condition. Most homeopathic remedies are not approved by traditional doctors; try new medication and treatments only under the treatment of a licensed doctor or homeopath.

Homeopathy for Bell’s Palsy

When just one side of the patient’s face has become paralyzed, especially when exposed to cold air or wind, Aconitum napellus can be effective. Fear, agitation, and a suddenness of symptoms can also be good indications.

Agaricus is used when muscles on one side of the face are stiff and twitching, or grimacing happens on the other side. Agaricus helps those who are excitable and have health anxiety and overacute senses.

Overwhelming weakness, chilliness and paralysis on the left side may be helped by Cadmium sulphuratum. The patient could also have a distorted mouth and have extreme difficulty closing one eye.

Causticum helps when the paralysis has developed gradually on the right side, opening and closing the mouth has become difficult, and the patient inadvertently bites the inside of his cheek or tongue. The person does best in warmth and may be weak and restless.

More Homeopathic Remedies

Cocculus deals with one-sided facial paralysis that accompanies tension or pain in the other cheek that increases when the mouth is being opened. Dizziness, weakness, numbness and a worsening of symptoms may occur as an indication that this remedy is needed.

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Nux vomica also tends to be used for those with one-sided paralysis that is usually on the left and goes along with a person who is hypersensitive to odors, sounds, light and a personality that is irritable and impatient.

Platina (Platinum) can be used in those who have a distortion that raises one eyebrow and also causes numb cheeks, lips and other body parts.

Arnica Montana is best for those who have sustained an injury prior to getting Bell’s Palsy symptoms. They may have also experienced grief, financial loss, aching limbs, and an aversion to tobacco.

Hypericum performatum can be utilized when there has been nerve damage and the jaw begins to lock. It may be needed when the patient has spasms and asthmatic attacks.

When the mouth and face begin to feel stiff and the patient is sensitive to cold air, you can use Mezerum.

To help get the nervous system moving, Belladonna can be used, especially when there is heat, redness, throbbing and the presence of epileptic spasms.

Complementary Herbs

Herbs that may help the efficiency of homeopathic remedies are cloves, which can improve medicinal efficiency, kudzu, which helps to relieve muscle tension around the palsy area, and licorice, which prevents the progression of palsy to paralysis. Rue and strychnine can also be helpful with Bell’s Palsy. It is important to start treatment right away, so make sure to see a physician immediately after you begin experiencing symptoms.