Homeopathic Remedies For An Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is something everyone experiences at one time or another, but severe anxiety can be triggered by excessive worrying, fear and the feeling of impending doom. These feelings can trigger an anxiety attack with symptoms that include muscular tension, shaking, restlessness, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, difficulty concentrating, headaches, sweating, and irritability, fatigue and sleep disturbances. Some homeopathic remedies can help alleviate an anxiety attack.


In “Easy Homeopathy: the Seven Essential Remedies You Need for Common Illness and First Aid,” Dr. Edward Shalts explains that Aconitum is a remedy for anxiety associated with the fear of impending doom and the fear of death. This treatment is ideal for individuals who experience a rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations and respiratory difficulties due to anxiety. Further, Aconitum is used to help alleviate fear of physicians, surgery and dentistry as well.

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum album can be used to treat anxiety that has no identifiable cause. If your anxiety is associated with symptoms involving chills, restlessness, the fear of death, a feeling of insecurity and a pressing need for perfection, then Arsenicum album should be used as a homeopathic remedy. Fear of darkness, death, illness, robbers, monsters and ghosts can also be alleviated with this treatment. You can consume Arsenicum album 30c once daily to treat anxiety related conditions.

Phosphoricum Acidum

Phosphoricum acidum is used to treat anxiety conditions associated with the fear of being alone and the feeling of impending doom. It also helps to remedy fatigue and weakness, which are associated with an anxiety attack. Fear of darkness, death, illness, robbers, monsters and ghosts can also be alleviated with Phosphoricum acidum. You can consume Phosphoricum acidum 30c once daily to treat anxiety related conditions.

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Gelsemium is a homeopathic treatment recommended for test anxiety and stage fright. This remedy is perfect for performance related anxiety, which can result in dizziness, trembling, shaking, diarrhea or difficulty speaking. To use Gelsemium, you need to take the treatment before you are expected to perform, appear on stage, speak or take a test. You can take three pellets of Gelsemium 30c in the morning just before your performance.

Argentum Nitricum

Argentum nitricum is another treatment for anxiety that helps deal with the fear of being late, claustrophobic conditions, the fear of heights and an impending sense of doom. Fear of failure, the sense of dread and difficulties with performance anxiety can also be managed with the consumption of Argentum nitricum. You can consume Argentum nitricum 30c once a day to treat chronic issues with anxiety, or you can take this treatment as needed for performance anxiety related conditions.