Homeopathic Relief From A Dry Cough

Not only a harbinger of a painful throat and tightness in the chest, a dry cough is an unproductive bodily function because it does not produce mucous—one way your body cleanses itself of bacteria and viruses. Thankfully, you have access to many home remedies to treat a dry cough. Try different remedies until you find what works for you.

Raw Honey and Lemon Juice Remedy

Buy raw honey at your local health food store. Unlike processed honey, raw honey has not undergone a heating process,leaving it with more vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes. This mixture coats your throat and opens up your lungs, easing the discomfort of your dry cough. Take 1 tbsp. of raw honey three times per day. Allow the honey to melt in your mouth and coat your throat. If you have a severe dry cough, eat an additional tablespoon. After you eat the honey, juice three to four lemons and drink the juice. (Avoid store-bought processed lemon juice, which contains extra sugars and other additives that render it ineffective as a cough remedy.) Drink lemon juice with honey three or more times daily until your dry cough clears up. For even better results, give your cough a rest by taking a two-hour nap during the day.

Omega three fatty acids

A dry cough can result from inflammation; get plenty of omega-three fats, which reduce inflammation while improving heart and brain health. Take 1 tbsp. of cod liver oil each day to prevent the onset of a dry cough or eliminate an existing one. If your dry cough has stemmed from allergies, take an antihistimine or talk to your doctor for additional treatment options.

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Soothing Herbal Teas and Hot Milk

Drink herbal tea. Your local health food store will have many different varieties to choose from; some of the most effective herbal teas include fenugreek, chamomile and fennel tea. Drink licorice root and green tea to help open up your lungs. Drink herbal tea with pure honey three to four times daily when dealing with a dry cough. For an even greater effect, take 1 tbsp. of raw honey before drinking the tea and allow the honey to coat your throat.

Try sipping on a cup of boiled hot milk with raw honey before going to bed. The milk and honey will help calm inflammation and soothe your throat while targeting your dry cough.

Other Considerations

Drink eight to 10 glasses of pure water each day. Hydration plays a vital part of dealing with a dry cough. Water transports nutrients; the above remedies will work more effectively when you keep your body healthy and hydrated.

Avoid smoking, and stay away from other people who smoke when you have a dry cough; inhaling cigarette smoke can delay the healing process.

Avoid drinking soda or other sugary beverages when dealing with a raspy cough. Instead, drink raw carrot juice or other vegetable drinks that help to boost your immune system. Take additional vitamin C, and sleep often.