Homeopathic Relief For Stiff Muscles

Homeopathy can provide wonderful relief for stiff muscles. Because muscular pain can involve so many areas of the body, there are many remedies. Choosing the correct remedy can save time and pain. Narrow the search by pinpointing the pain’s origin and taking into consideration any associated symptoms and side effects.


Arnica montana is a go-to remedy for all kinds of muscular pain. Its specialty is treating pain that has resulted from a traumatic shock to the system. Bruises, sprains and whiplash are the types of conditions that most benefit from Arnica. Arnica also works to calm the rush of emotions that can accompany an injury. It can be taken as a preventative measure, before and after workouts or strenuous activity.

For muscle stiffness related to sprains and strains, use Rhus toxicodendron. This remedy relieves lumbago, osteoarthritis, stiff neck, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. Pain in the lower back, dry cough and a desire for milk may be present. Symptoms intensify in the morning, with dampness and cold and after long periods of inactivity. They are relieved by warmth, movement and stretching.

Actaea spicata is more suited for stiffness that follows vigorous exercise or excessive physical exertion. Rheumatic conditions–those that cause inflammation of the joints or limbs, which leads to muscle stiffness–can be treated with Actaea. Other indications for this remedy include confusion, depression, headaches that improve in fresh air and aversion to cold weather and movement. Symptoms typically improve in warm weather and while eating.

Another option for rheumatic conditions is causticum, which also treats spasms of the neck and jaw area and deep muscle tears. Additional indications for causticum include anxiety, shaky forearm muscles, localized paralysis and restless leg syndrome, which is characterized by a strange sensation in the legs that prompts movement and intensifies at night, often resulting in insomnia. Cold, dry weather exacerbates symptoms, which are somewhat alleviated by warmth or dampness.

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The standard recommended dosage of homeopathic medicines is five sublingual pellets, taken throughout the day for as long as symptoms persist. Homeopathic gels, ointments and creams are also available for muscular pain. Topical application can help speed recovery.

In cases of acute conditions, such as stiffness resulting from injury, take a lower-potency of the chosen remedy, such as 6X or 6C. For pain caused by chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, try a higher potency of 30x to 200c. If doubts remain about which remedy is appropriate, consider contacting a professional homeopathic physician.