Homeopathic Psoriasis Treatments

Psoriasis on the knees and legs

Psoriasis stems from a problem with the immune system. It causes deep skin cells to rise to the surface too quickly. This produces patches of skin that are thick, red and scaly, itchy and sore. Traditional treatments include creams and moisturizers, bathing in salt water and medication. Psoriasis can be safely treated with homeopathy without the side effects of prescription medications.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are safe to use with other treatments. Choose the remedy that best fits all of your symptoms. If one remedy doesn’t work, choose another. It may take some time to see improvement. Because psoriasis is a complicated disease, you will have better success working with a trained homeopath. Most homeopathic remedies come with dosage recommendations. If yours does not, begin with three pellets (tablets) of the 30C potency or strength. If you see an improvement, wait and let the remedy work. Take a second dose when improvement slows or stops. How frequently you will take a remedy depends on how you respond. You may need doses several times daily, or only once every other day.

Warmth Improves Symptoms

Choose Arsenicum Album if your skin is scaly and dry and tends to get infected. If scratching makes itching worse, but applying heat makes it better, then Arsenicum Album may help. This is the remedy of choice if you are easily exhausted, anxious, compulsively neat and often chilly. If applying warmth soothes your itching, consider Rhus toxicodendron. People who respond best to this remedy are frequently restless and tend toward muscle stiffness. This remedy helps if your skin eruptions itch intensely, and are red and swollen. You may tend toward pacing and crave cold milk. Choose Calcarea carbonica if your skin problems are exacerbated by cold weather, you easily tire after exertion, tend to be overweight, have clammy hands and feet and are usually responsible but overwhelmed by too much work and stress. You also may have cravings for sweets and eggs, be anxious, afraid of heights and claustrophobic.

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Warmth Does Not Improve Symptoms

If itching is made worse by applying warmth, consider Graphites. Choose Graphites if your skin is tough, leathery, cracks and you tend to scratch so much you cause yourself to bleed. This is the remedy for people who have trouble concentrating in the morning, and have a long history of skin disorders. Consider Petroleum if your itching gets worse at night, especially after you get in bed and get warm. People who will benefit from Petroleum often notice flares after emotional stress. They have very dry skin, feel cold after scratching, have tough leathery skin and problems with their fingertips and palms. Consider Sulphur if warmth makes your skin itch and burn and you tend to feel worse after your bath. Sulphur often helps people who have tried prescription treatments unsuccessfully. If you feel generally chilly, but your skin feels better with the application of cold, choose Mezerum. People best helped by this remedy are serious, experience anxiety as stomach upset, crave fatty foods and feel better in fresh air.

Other Symptoms

Choose Mercurius solubilis if your lymph nodes tend to swell, and your skin looks moist or oily. This is the remedy for people who are very sensitive to temperature changes, intense and somewhat impulsive. If psoriasis outbreaks appear all over your body, including your genitals and nails, choose Sepia. This is the remedy for you if your mood and energy are improved through exercise, your skin tends to be stiff and dry, and you often feel irritable and unenthusiastic about family, life or work. People who benefit from Staphysagria often have outbreaks on their scalp, but can have them anywhere on their body. Choose this remedy if your psoriasis began after a period of grief or suppressing your emotions. This is the right remedy if you appear quiet or meek on the outside because you tend to bury your anger or pain.

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