Homeopathic Prostate Infection Cure

Homepathic Prostate Infection Cure

A prostate infection can cause many health problems for a man, including urinary and sexual problems and possibly cancer. Some medical treatments for prostate infections exist, but to avoid side effects, some men try homeopathic remedies. Keep in mind that the treatments described here have not been evaluated by more traditional medical practitioners; consult a licensed homeopathic doctor before utilizing these methods.

Baryta Carboinca and Chimaphila

Baryta carbonica is a homeopathic treatment that is typically used on aged patients who have prostate problems, most often connected with prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate). The symptoms include reduced size in the testes, a very flaccid penis, a decrease in libido and sex drive, premature ejaculation and a strong urge to urinate. Urine flows out irregularly. There may be senility and forgetfulness, genital numbness and pain in the scrotum.

You can use Chimaphila when the prostate is enlarged, when the bladder retains water, and when testicular tissues have atrophied. Urine flows out in a forked matter, there is straining during urination and defecation, and there may be chronic cystitis. This remedy is especially effective for those with a prostate infection.

Conium and Pulsatilla

Conium is used for patients with an enlarged and hardened prostate as a result of tumors or growths. This enlargement may be accompanied by prostate infection, erratic urine flow, suppressed sexual urges, and a weak erection. Sexual thought may cause emissions of prostatic fluid.

Pulsatilla is used by patients with enlarged, inflamed prostate glands and testes with pain from the abdomen down to the testes. There is a constant urge to urinate, accompanied with possible gonorrhea, yellow discharges, and a worsening from the hottest parts of the day.

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Sabal Serrulata and Thuja

An enlarged prostate gland in the aged, with a reduction or disappearance of sexual drive, and prostate discharges during defecation or urination may require Sabal serrulata. Other symptoms may be impotency, a hot sensation during emissions, and atrophied testicular tissue. The genital area is often cold to the touch and the condition may be accompanied by prostate infections.

Thuja is typically used for those with strained prostate discharges, an enlarged and hardened prostate, and a feeling of incomplete urination. Past infections like gonorrhea may have been a cause, and there may also be warts in the genital area. The patient is sweaty, erections are painful, and there are achy testicular tissues.

For dosages of these medications, please see a licensed homeopathic practitioner.