Homeopathic Prevention Of Scars

If you’ve recently been injured, you may be searching for a natural way to prevent scarring. Homeopathy, which uses herbs and other substances found naturally, is one approach. In addition to homeopathy, you may be able to prevent scarring from basic home remedies and nutritional supplements.

Homeopathic Remedies

To prevent a scar on a current wound, apply a thin layer of arnica gel to the affected area immediately after injury. Repeat three times a day until the wound is healed. Arnica gel contains the active ingredient Arnica montana and is a homeopathic remedy that treats pain, swelling and discoloration from bruising. Arnica also provides relief of muscle aches and stiffness caused by minor injuries.

You could also take the homeopathic remedy ledum orally. Found in bogs, this herb helps prevent infection and works as a first-aid remedy. Ledum works to help heal cuts and puncture wounds. Ledum is also effective for puffy and purplish skin.

You may also find relief from silicea, a medicine known for removing foreign objects from the body, including scars. Silicea may be particularly helpful for wounds that weren’t cleaned properly or those that may contain puss.

Other Ideas

In addition to homeopathy, you might find other easy, at-home remedies for scar prevention helpful. After you’ve cleaned your wound, apply a topical antibiotic, such as Bacitracin or Polysporin. Make sure to also adequately cover your wound, as air drying can kill extra tissue. According to “The Doctors’ Book of Home Remedies for Women,” you will get less damage to your skin when you cover the wound. Keep a bandage on the wound until a scab is fully formed. Rebandage every time the wound gets wet. Avoid picking your scab, as picking a scab or knocking it off before it’s ready can result in scarring.

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Also, take at least 500 milligrams of vitamin C, as it will speed wound healing. You can also find ample amount of vitamin C in sprouts, bell peppers, citrus fruits and tomatoes. To prevent scarring, increase your consumption of vitamin E as well. You can find vitamin E in bean sprouts, nuts, seeds and whole grains.