Homeopathic Prevention Of Prostate Cancer

Homeopathic Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Homeopathy is a branch of medicine that is based on treating like with like. It looks at the whole person and underlying causes of the disease. In treatment, homeopathy would look to induce a similar symptom or condition to make the body heal itself. Homeopathy can also help in preventative measures. A homeopathic approach would involve looking at the whole patient to restore the right balance to their lives. Factors such as family history, diet and nutrition, exercise, mental health and environment would all be looked at.

Family History

Complementary therapies such as homeopathy as well as conventional medicine would look at the history of the family as a preventative measure for prostate cancer. People who demonstrate a family history of prostate as well as other types of cancer would be advised to watch their diets, exercise, manage their mental and emotional stresses and exposure to outside dangers.

Diet and Nutrition

A homeopathic approach to preventing prostate cancer would involve a well-balanced, healthful diet. It would also include as many cancer-fighting foods, vitamins and minerals that were healthy for the patient. According to the National Cancer Institute, diets rich in fruits and vegetables might help fight the disease.

Some examples are tomatoes and tomato sauces. These are rich in lycopene, which is especially beneficial in preventing prostate and cervical cancer. Pumpkin and carrots are rich in beta carotene, which is effective in preventing several types of cancer. Finally, spinach which is rich in vitamin E and lutein, helps prevent liver, colon, ovarian and prostate cancer.

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Exercise would fit nicely into a homeopathic approach to preventing prostate cancer. Exercise is good for the entire body, therefore it is more capable for fighting off disease. According to the University of Iowa Health Care Center, exercise can play a vital role in cancer reduction. Exercise reduces the chance of obesity, which has been linked to cancer. Exercise helps balance the hormones, which is also effective in preventing cancer. Exercise keeps fresh blood circulating through the body, keeping tissues healthy. Finally, exercise speeds digestion. Food as well as possible toxins leaves the body at a faster rate, reducing the risk of colon and prostate cancers.

Mental Health

Homeopathy might give mental health as much importance in preventing cancer as physical health. Managing stress levels can have a profound effect on overall health. Specific to cancer, stress attacks the immune system, which impedes the body’s ability to fight the disease.


Homeopathy would take into account a person’s environment in preventing cancer. Exposure to toxins would be considered, exposure to the sun and family environment are all important factors. Potential dangers would have to be removed for the best chance of preventing the disease.