Homeopathic Pet Antibiotic For Cats

Many cat owners are currently worried about the overuse of drugs on their cat, since the first course of action usually prescribed by veterinarians is to administer antibiotics to your cat. There are natural homeopathic avenues that can be tried, as well.

Defining Antibiotics

An antibiotic is a chemical that usually comes from either a mold or a bacterium that kills microorganisms and which can eliminate bacterial infections.

Antibiotics and Infections

Antibiotics are normally used for the treatment of infections. In cats, these can either be external infections (such as when the cat has been bitten) or internal infections (as in feline urinary tract infection.)

Most Common Remedy

Taking equal parts of buchu, Echinacea, uva ursi and pipsissewa and mixing them together is the combination used for most infections. These are herbs that can be picked up at a local health food store and can be mixed into the cat’s food or made into a tincture or tea.

Tinctures Versus Teas

Most times, you can use tinctures (mixtures of homeopathic herbs with alcohol) in a short-term treatment (usually two or three days), but if you’re dealing with a chronic treatment, it’s best to use the mixture in a tea, giving a tablespoon of the mixture three or four times a day.

Cranberry Remedy

If your cat has a feline urinary tract infection (usually noticed when your cat goes to the bathroom a lot and cries out when urinating, or urinates in a strange location), you can give your cat cranberry juice. It works in the same way on cats that it does on humans.

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