Homeopathic Nerve Stimulation Remedies

Shingles may affect nerve pain

A malfunctioning nervous system can lead to extreme pain and numbness. To stimulate your nerves with homeopathic remedies, it is important to enhance the circulatory system, treat neurological pain and work on any neurological problems, such as shingles. Consult a doctor or a licensed homeopath before using any of these treatments.


Arsenicum is an all-purpose nervous system remedy. It is often used in patients who feel cold, have hand and feet cramps, and feel weak or exhausted. It also is used for those who have neurological pain that burns like fire, has a tearing sensation and is accompanied by twitching and trembling limbs. Arsenicum is also used for people who have neurological complications from shingles that include skin blisters that feel better in heat and get worse during nighttime. For this treatment, use a low-potency dose of arsenicum (12c or less) three times a day. The c in homeopathic doses is equal to 100 times the standard homeopathic potency. You can get most homeopathic remedies at a natural foods store, such as Whole Foods, or online at many Internet homeopathic stores.

Circulatory Problems

If the symptoms that arsenicum treats do not match your symptoms, start your remedy by treating your circulation. Carbo vegitabilis can be used if your circulation is sluggish or stagnant and that symptom is accompanied by easy bruising and skin ulcers. Try lachesis if you feel flushes of heat, a sensation of blood rushing to your head, have icy-cold legs and hands, and have an inflammation of the veins. If you feel icy cold below your knees, have a warm body but cold hands, and have high blood pressure, try tabacum.

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Each of these three treatments should be started with low doses one time a day (12c or less in each dose), and then the dosage can be increased as treatment progresses. Try only one remedy at a time, and try a remedy only if your symptoms are similar to those described.

Neurological Pain

If you experience nervous system pain, try one of the following homeopathic remedies. Aconite is used if neural pain develops violently and results in a tearing and shooting sensation. You may need this remedy if you have a numb, heavy, tingling sensation and anxiety. Cimicifuga is used when pain is like an electric shock followed by an intense ache. Use Colocynthis when the pain is sharp, shooting, quick and followed by extreme cramping. There may be spasms and numbness after each bout of pain. Choose one of these remedies and use it in three doses a day of 30c per dose (medium potency) for a few weeks.


Your neurological pain may stem from a problematic virus, such as the herpes zoster virus that causes shingles. If you have skin blisters and you notice nervous system problems, try one of the following remedies. Apis can be used if your shingles blisters erupt and then begin to sting, burn and itch; cold sensations typically relieve pain that requires apis as a remedy. Rhus toxicodendron is used when shingles manifests as lots of tiny, itchy blisters that spread through the body; the rash may be soothed by hot compresses. Try iris versicolor if stomach problems accompany the typically painful shingles symptoms.

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Choose the treatment that is related to your symptoms and take it for a couple of weeks. Try a low-potency amount (12c per dose) every few hours until symptoms begin to recede. Then you can decrease to one 12c dose per day.