Homeopathic Medicine For Restless Leg Syndrome

Sometimes the sensations in restless legs can defy description.

Restless Leg Syndrom (RLS) is the presence of unpleasant feeling in the legs, thighs, feet or arms that may feel like tingling, crawling, creeping, burning or aching sensations. Homeopathic medicine can naturally alleviate the unpleasant sensations due to RLS.


Aconite is a homeopathic remedy for RLS when the symptoms are psychological as well as physical. The individual may suffer from anxiety as well as pain in the legs.


Arsenicum is a homeopathic remedy for RLS that is best suited for individuals who suffer from trembling in the legs. The ideal individual for arsenicum is one that is also experiencing feelings of insecurity.


This homeopathic remedy is best for RLS sufferers who feel burning or aching sensations in their legs most of the time. The person may also have chronic aches and pains in the legs and feet. Muscle weakness and difficulty contracting the muscles may also be common in this individual.


This homeopathic remedy is for those individuals who may have more psychological symptoms—nervous or sensitive people. The patients who should use ignatia often experience spasms and twitching.

Rhus Tox

This homeopathic remedy for RLS is best when used in patients who have extreme restlessness and are plagued by the constant need to change positions. Oftentimes, this person will have stiff and aching joints.


Restless and burning sensations are best helped by the homeopathic remedy of sulphur. Warmth is often irritating to this patient, so they will often end up kicking covers off of their legs.

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