Homeopathic Joint Medicine

Homeopathy offers a variety of solutions in the treatment of joint pain and stiffness. There are a few primary producers for homeopathic joint medicines, and they each provide a proprietary blends of ingredients. Homeopathic joint medications are manufactured as pills, tablets, tinctures, creams and gels. For adequate relief, remedies should be used every four hours unless directed otherwise.

King Bio

King Bio offers a spray for relief of joint pain and stiffness. The spray contains actaea spicata, arnica montana, ruta graveolens, salicylicum acidum. sepia, zincum metallicum, and rhus toxicodendron, all in a pure water base. This is not an inclusive ingredient list, see Resources for more information and to purchase.


Hyland’s manufactures several types of homeopathic joint medicine. The arthritis formula consists of rhus tox, arnica montana, and natrum phosphoricum. For purchasing options, see Resources.


The homeopathic joint medication available from Boiron is Arnica creme and gel, which is nonsticky, absorbed quickly and relieves pain in a few minutes. Both will relieve pain from stiffness, overwork and arthritis. Other remedies include bryonia alba, dulcamara, and rhus toxicodendron in tablet form. For purchasing options, see Resources.


Heel offers a two options in homeopathic joint medicine: liquid and tabs. The ingredients include calcarea phosphoric, mercurius praecipitatus ruber, asafoetida, Kali iodatum, natrum sulphuricum, stillingia silvatica and aranea diadema. For purchasing options, see Resources.

Washington Homeopathic Products

Homeopathic joint medicine available through Washington Homeopathic products include aloe, carbo vegetabilis, cinchona officinalis, hypericum, natrum muriaticum, silicea and strontia. These remedies are available in pill and tablet form. For purchasing options see the resources.

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