Homeopathic Herpes Remedies

When dealing with herpes, homeopathic remedies are available based on to what extent infection has formed. Also, herpes can cause more than one type of disorder, depending on where the virus entered your body. Oral herpes causes cold sores in the mouth; genital herpes is generally a sexually transmitted disease. Depending on where you have sores will determine which homeopathic herpes remedies are best for you.

Before Blisters Form

Best-herpes-treatments.com lists homeopathic herpes remedies for use before any blisters have formed. It suggests getting some Vaccinotoxinum and taking it when the infection shows its first signs. Next is Apis mellifica, which will prevent the blisters from appearing at all. Now, several doses may be needed, and don’t take it if the blisters form. Also, you can take Rhus toxicodendron in connection with the Apis mellifica. If you feel a stinging sensation, take the Rhus at 15-minute intervals. Unlike the Apis, you can continue taking Rhus if any blisters appear, but stop taking it if they burst.

If you feel very sensitive and are itchy and red, Croton tiglium is useful, although it’s best for women. On the flip side, if you’re a man dealing with a lot of stinging, Borax is best.

After Blisters Appear

The same website suggests Arsenicum album for small blisters that also give you a burning sensation. As mentioned above, Rhus toxicodendron is effective, as is Borax. You can also apply Calendula tincture to the blisters, and it will ease the pain.

After the Blisters Crust Over

Best-herpes-treatments.com recommends Mezereum and Graphites as treatments for when a crust forms on the blisters. The former is best for an itchy crust and when a whitish liquid has filled the blisters. The latter helps with stinging and burning blisters.

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Treatments for Men and Women

Naturalhealthweb.com lists homeopathic herpes remedies separately for men and for women. In the case of men, it suggests taking Nitric acidum, Cinnabaris or Mezereum. All of them are designed to fight herpes by boosting your immunity system. For women, Kreosotum and Vespa are recommended, but the website also warns about using these treatments if you’re pregnant.

Cold Sores

The website best-herpes-treatments.com also lists homeopathic herpes remedies for this problem. Some, like Apis and Rhus, are the same as for genital herpes; others like Lachesis, Sepia and Natrum muriaticum are specific. All are best for before any fever blisters form.

Once the sores appear in your mouth, and even begin to crust over, you can make use of the same homeopathic treatments as genital herpes: Arsenicum album, Rhus toxicodendron, Borax and the Calendula tincture. The Mezereum and Graphites help for when the blisters crust.