Homeopathic Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids are bulging veins in and around the anus and rectum. They are a type of varicose vein. Pregnant women, older adults and people with inflammatory bowel syndrome are the most common sufferers of hemorrhoids. Traditional medical treatment includes over the counter hemorrhoid creams and analgesics. In cases where hemorrhoids are extremely painful, surgery many be recommended.

Homeopathic medicine offers hemorrhoid sufferers treatment options beyond traditional medical approaches. Homeopathic medicine is based on the principle that “like cures like.” Diluted substances are given to trigger the body’s healing system. According the The Society of Homeopaths, properly used homeopathic remedies have no side effects.

Keep in mind that many homeopathic remedies, like traditional medicines, can be toxic if misused and should be prescribed by certified practitioners. Homeopathic remedies are not the same as “home remedies.”


Aloe or aloe vera is a succulent plant with a moist, sticky juice that is soothing to irritations. Available in gel form from the drug store, it helps to calm swollen, irritated hemorrhoids.


Graphite, or black lead, is a crystalline form of carbon with a smooth, greasy texture. Available from homeopathic practitioners, graphite is recommend when hemorrhoids in the anal area are sore and itchy.

Nitricum Acidum

Nitricum acidum, or nitric acid, is a corrosive and unstable liquid in its natural form. It is available in the correct dosage from your homeopathic practitioner. It is prescribed when hemorrhoid pain is accompanied with straining and constipation. It is also prescribed for circumstances when intense pain continues after the stool has passed.

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Ignatia is derived from a tree belonging to the Loganiaceae family, commonly found in China and the Philippines. Ignatia beans contain strychnine, a poisonous substance that is fatal to humans in high doses. Ignatia should not be self prescribed. It is useful for hemorrhoids in the rectum area that are causing stabbing pain and spasms.


If the hemorrhoids are causing intense itching and burning in the anal area along with redness, a homeopath may recommend the use of sulphur as a treatment.


Hamamelis, commonly called witch hazel, is used when hemorrhoids causes minor bleeding and back pain. Witch hazel is a readily available over-the-counter at most pharmacies. It can be applied directly to the affected area (anus or rectum), using a cotton ball.

Finding a Homoepath

While some homeopathic remedies are available over the counter such as witch hazel and aloe vera and are safe for self medication, others like ignatia are highly toxic in the wrong dosage and should be prescribed by a homeopath. The National Center for Homeopathy and Wellsphere offer useful sites for finding qualified practitioners.