Homeopathic Gout Cures

Gout is a condition that occurs when there are high levels of uric acid in the blood or around the joints. Uric acid is a waste that naturally generates from the body. Uric acid should be eliminated by the body through the natural metabolic process such as urine. This condition is the result of an excessive amount of uric acid that accumulates in the body and creates inflammation and severe pain. Several homeopathic remediescan aid in the relief of inflammation and pain.


Arnica is a homeopathic treatment that can be used when there is pain walking or soreness in the joints. If there is sudden swelling, throbbing or heat in the affected areas, you can use Belladonna to ease these symptoms. This will help to reduce the inflammation in the body caused by gout. You may also require this remedy when there is excruciating pain when you touch the affected area. This is another sign of severe inflammation. If your face becomes red and you feel restless you should immediately us Belladonna.

Symptoms such as joint pain, stitching sensation, aches or nagging back pain will require Berberis as a homeopathic treatment. Kidney stones may also develop in this form of gout. If more than one of these symptoms occur you should immediately use Berberis.

A tearing type of pain, swelling of the feet, stiffness to the knee joints, swollen joint or joint that that are hot to the touch are systems that will require Bryonia. This form of gout may affect the psychological indicators. Irritability and a need to be alone are psychological symptoms that will require this form of homeopathic treatment.

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If there is swelling in the knees, toes or fingers you require Calcarea fluor as a form of treatment. Your joints may form a cracking sound when you move as well as a stabbing pain in the affected areas. This form of treatment is also required if the symptoms change when the weather suddenly changes. A warm compress may also help to relieve these symptoms.

If there is itching, pain, burning in the feet, joints or knees that worsen when it is damp, inclement weather or when heat is applied you will require sulphur to relieve your symptoms. Rhus tox is a homeopathic treatment that can be used to treat symptoms of joint stiffness, swollen joints and joints that become very hot. These symptoms will become worse in cold or damp weather.


It is best to select the homeopathic remedy that fits your individual symptoms. You should follow the recommended dosages for treatment and wait for a response; use when needed. Dosages will vary with the severity of your symptoms. It is best to consult with your doctor before using a homeopathic remedy to treat gout.