Homeopathic Flat Wart Removal

Warts, viral infections that occur on the skin, can be either raised and bumpy or flat. Most flat warts are a dark brown. They are more common in women, who get them from infections after shaving. There are several homeopathic and natural remedies for treating flat warts.

Thuja Essential Oil

Homeopathic remedies focus their healing on boosting the immune system. One particularly effective treatment for flat wart removal is thuja, according to Forces-of-Nature.com. Thuja is an essential oil from a tree within the cypress family. Thuja oil is effective because it contains thujone, which encourages the immune system to develop gamma-delta T cells. The gamma-delta T cells are particularly effective at combating viral infections.

You must follow a consistent dosage of thuja to ensure that you effectively treat the flat wart. Force-of-Nature.com advises taking five grams of Thuja three times a day for four weeks. It is imperative that you follow this dosage for effective flat wart removal. You must also be aware of how the thuja you’re buying was made. Many manufacturers do not create “pure” thuja extracts in their products. Look for thuja products that are recommended by the American Social Health Association.


According to Herbs2000.com, causticum is an ideal treatment for removing flat warts as well as stalked warts. It is particularly effective at treating flat warts that have begun to bleed or have started to secret an acrid-smelling pus that can often crust around the edges of your flat wart. Causticum is a potassium-based compound that can cause an astringent sensation in the back of your throat as you take the remedy.

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Herbs2000.com recommends that you begin your treatment with causticum in smaller dosages because it is not a widely studied remedy. Homeopathy often has a different measuring system for causticum; a low dosage is referred to as 6x or 6c for causticum. Take this dosage once a day and constantly monitor the wart to determine if it is responding to the treatment. You can increase the dosage to 12x or 12c if you do not experience any allergic reactions, which may include itching, shortness of breath and swelling limbs.


Dulcamara is another homeopathic remedy that Herbs2000.com recommends to treat flat or stalked warts. Dulcamara is especially effective at treating fleshy, smooth warts that become inflamed. If you notice your flat wart enlarging in damp, cold environments, dulcamara is an ideal homeopathic remedy. Do not wash these warts with cold water; begin immediate treatment with dulcamara instead. As with causticum, begin your dulcamara treatment with lower dosages of 6x or 6c and work you way toward heavier dosages.