Homeopathic Dog Diet

Homeopathic diets consist of only raw meat and organic supplements.

Homeopathic veterinarians maintain that dogs were never meant to eat grains of any sort, and especially not processed varieties. Conversely, most commercial dog food contains grains and chemicals that can cause health issues in dogs. Switching to a homeopathic diet may help your dog live a healthier, happier life.


There are several expressions of the homeopathic diet. The most popular type is called the BARF, or biologically appropriate raw food, diet. With this diet, your dog eats only raw meats and bones, just like his ancestors, the wolves. But because dogs require more nutrients than meat alone can offer, most homeopathic vets believe the diet should be supplemented with a variety of fruits and vegetables.


When a dog’s diet is free of chemicals, preservatives, additives and ingredients that cause allergies he will be healthier, according to Dr. Ian Billinghurst, DVM, the creator of the BARF diet. He believes it lead to a healthier coat, functioning digestive system and stable energy level. Secondary benefits include fewer veterinarian bills, since your dog is healthier overall.


When feeding your dog a homeopathic diet you must ensure he gets all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals he needs. It can be easy to leave something out, so be sure to check with your veterinarian to determine your pet’s nutritional needs.


A homeopathic diet uses meat as the staple. Consequently, close to 65 percent of the diet should be meat-based, such as chicken, turkey, beef and lamb. The remaining 35 percent should come from healthy, chemical-free vegetables, fruits, eggs and yogurt. While dogs do not eat eggs or yogurt in the wild, they are a necessity to ensure your dog gets the calcium and other nutrients he needs.

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How much your dog should eat varies depending on his activity level and size. Active and working dogs need to eat close to twice as much as low-energy house dogs. A rule of thumb is that a 50-lb. dog should eat roughly a pound of raw food a day, but you can increase or decrease the amount depending on your dog’s needs.