Homeopathic Cures For Shingles

Shingles is a condition that can cause major nerve pain and an unsightly rash. While there are medications that can take care of the problem, you may be looking for a more affordable, natural cure. Homeopathic remedies may be able to remedy your shingles by stimulating your own body to fight the disease itself.

Identify Your Symptoms

Homeopathy is a very different kind of medicine from traditional medicine as it is prescribed based on a host of symptoms instead of using one remedy to cure one symptom. Different homeopathic remedies are given depending on all sorts of factors, including where you are experiencing pain, how it’s manifesting on your body, how you are feeling emotionally, what time of day the symptoms improve or get worse, and if the symptoms improve in warm or cool environments. Use a paper and pencil to write down all of the above factors as best as you can remember them. Optimally, you use the paper to describe your symptoms throughout the day so that you can pinpoint what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse. This will be extremely helpful when trying to determine which remedy is right for you.

Which Remedy Fits

There are four major homeopathic remedies for shingles. It is recommended that you immediately consult with your doctor if the condition is manifesting near your eyes as there is no homeopathic treatment for such a circumstance.

Arsenicum is used when your shingles are causing blisters and eruptions that feel better from external heat, when symptoms get worse in the early morning, and when you feel restless and anxious. You may also feel cold and feverish if you need arsenicum.

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Apis is used if you have stinging, burning and intensely itching blisters and eruptions that feel better with cold and fresh air while getting worse in heat. You may feel sensitive to touch and irritable as well.

Iris versicolor can be used if your shingles symptoms include burning, painful blisters on the right side of your abdomen along with stomach discomfort.

Lastly, Rhus tox. (Rhus toxicodendron) can be used when your shingles rash has many small blisters that are red and very itchy. Hot compresses and hot baths help your symptoms and you may feel a desire to move constantly while being quite restless.

Consult a Homeopath

Homeopathic practitioners can be found online at homeopathic.org or wholehealthnow.com or by recommendation of any other alternative practitioner (yoga instructor, herbalist, etc.). You should ask the homeopath questions about where he studied and his experience in the field of homeopathy. For shingles, you may want to go with a homeopath who specializes in either skin conditions or the nervous system. A general homeopath can work quite well too if there are no specialists in your area. Your medical insurance may cover homeopathy in an alternative care package. Once you choose a homeopathic doctor, approach her with the above information (especially your list of symptoms) to ensure that you will receive proper diagnosis and dosage.