Homeopathic Cure For Hot Flashes

As women reach the age of about 50, they will begin to undergo menopause, which is when the woman stops having her menstruation cycle. There are various symptoms of menopause, but one of the more common and uncomfortable symptoms is hot flashes, for which there are various herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Hot Flashes and Homeopathy

Hot flashes is when a woman feels a sudden rush of heat to her body, causing discomfort and excessive sweating, and it usually lasts for no more than 15 minutes. When it happens during sleep, these are often called “night sweats.” The most common treatment is hormone replacement therapy. For some women, hormone replacement therapy can cause serious complications and can increase the risk of breast cancer.

In turn, many women opt for homeopathy, which uses natural herbs to address hot flashes. There are few, if any, harmful side effects from homeopathy because it works with the woman’s body to alleviate the hot flash symptoms. If you do decide to use homeopathy, find a certified naturopathic physician to assist in the treatment.


If you notice that your hot flashes reside in the head, and tend to occur prior to going to bed or while you are asleep, lachesis may be a good homeopathic remedy for your hot flashes. Lachesis is derived from the venom of the Bushmaster snake; but do not fret, it is not “venom,” but derivative of a few chemicals found in the venom. Some side effects may include women feeling a “lump” in their throat after taking capsules of lachesis.

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Sulfuricum acidum

Women who find that not only are they hot, but also experience nervousness and a pressured feeling to accomplish their daily tasks, should use the sulfuricum acidum homeopathic remedy. This remedy is also known as sulfuric acid. According to Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, a certified naturopathic physician, 80 percent of women notice positive effects from this homeopathic remedy and the other homeopathic remedies.


Iodium is derived from iodine and is a good treatment for women who have extremely high metabolisms. These women tend to feel “hyped up,” anxious and quite hurried. Their hot flashes tend to be all over the body and will have red cheeks and excessive perspiration. Iodium tends to be a somewhat uncommon homeopathic treatment for menopause, but can be effective for women with the above-described symptoms.