Homeopathic Cold Remedies For Infants

Homeopathic medicines can aid in treating cold symptoms. The remedies can be used on infants and also may help to elevate immunities. The substances used to make remedies come from animals and plants. Homeopathic doctors can best assess conditions and recommend a course of treatment.


There are a variety of homeopathic cold remedies available to treat infants. Aconitum is effective when used at onset of cold symptoms. It also helps reduce the occurrence of dry-sounding coughs. Allium Cepa aids in decreasing nasal discharge and relieving head congestion. Calcarea Carb is used for infants who get frequent colds. The remedy aids with nasal discharge and reducing mucus in chest that causes rattling cough. Hepar Sulphur is helpful in alleviating sneezing and general irritability as a result of illness. Pulsatilla is given for infants who suffer from chronic cold symptoms. Often nasal congestion is accompanied by thick mucus and symptoms are worse at night. Natrum Mur is used to alleviate congestion symptoms which are aggravated by daytime air. Anas Barbariae is effective in reducing cold and flu symptoms. It is most beneficial when used within 48 hours of the first signs of cold symptoms. Belladonna is a remedy used for alleviating congestion and fever and reducing nasal discharge.


If you choose self-treatment, there are suggested dosing guidelines listed on the labels. Seek advice from a pediatrician before starting a homeopathic cold treatment regimen for your infant. A physician can provide the dosing instruction suitable for your infant’s age and size. She can also supervise and effectively monitor your infant’s symptoms.

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