Homeopathic Cold Remedies For Babies

Homeopathic medicines can be used for babies with a cold.

Babies may frequently experience symptoms of the common cold such as runny nose, earaches, fever and flushed skin. Many parents want to bring relief to their babies but are not comfortable using medications laden with aspirin and sedatives. Homeopathic medications use natural sources to create medications. The theory behind homeopathic medications is to increase the symptoms of a cold with like systems to allow the body to take over and heal itself. There are several homeopathic medications available for babies that can help cure without the unwanted side effects.

Sudden Onset

If cold symptoms such as headache, congestion, sore throat and cough come on suddenly, there are several homeopathic options available for children. Aconitum napellus, commonly known as Aconite, is derived from plants containing monkshoods. It is recommended for anxiety or sudden onset of cold and flu symptoms. It comes packaged as a pill, pellet or powder. Belladonna is another homeopathic remedy recommended for use during the first stage of a cold. Belladonna is indicated when the child is experiencing high fever, throbbing pain and a flushed face. These remedies should not be used past the first stage of a cold, as they can increase fever and chills in later stages of a cold.

Slow Onset

Slow onset colds are those that develop over the course of several days. Subtle signs of a cold can be easy to miss. Depending upon the age of the baby they may have difficulty explaining their symptoms; a runny nose could be allergies or a fussy nature could be teething. If you do not notice the symptoms of the cold until it is full blown, you will need to use different homeopathic medications. Bryonia alba acts upon the serous membranes of organs to ease pain and stiffness. It also helps calm nerves making the child less irritable. Ferrum phosphate is recommended for children whose symptoms are vague. They may have ear pain, nasal congestion or slight aches that develop slowly. These are the most common homeopathic medications recommended for slow onset illnesses. They can be taken at any point during the cold if the symptoms match the like qualities of the medicine.

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Frequent Colds

Babies love to explore. They touch and put everything in their mouths, and are constantly coming into contact with germs that can cause colds. For these babies, homeopathic remedies that deal with frequent cold symptoms may be the best course of treatment. These medications are geared more toward boosting the immune system to prevent further infection. Vitamin C is a basic vitamin that is used in homeopathy as immune support. Vitamin C can be given as a supplement or as part of a normal diet. Baryta carbonica is recommended for kids who have frequent runny noses and swollen glands. Arsenicum album is a homeopathic medication recommended for babies that are frequently weak, restless and experience difficulty sleeping. It may also be used for babies who are teething.

Long Lasting Colds

At times, babies may have several issues going on such as teething and growing pains as well as a cold. All of these issues may create extreme pain for the baby prolonging the healing time. Mucus that sticks in the airways can be difficult to clear especially for babies who have underdeveloped muscles. Kali bichromicum helps to clear colds that have thick long lasting mucus associated with them. Chamomilla can relive pain associated with prolonged cold and teething. It helps to soothe babies who tend to be sick late in the evening.