Homeopathic Canine Arthritis Medication

Help relieve your dog’s arthritic pain with homeopathic herbs.

Older canines and those who are overweight are more likely to develop arthritis–an inflammation of the joints and connective tissue–than younger, fitter dogs. Signs of canine arthritis include limping, uncharacteristic sleeping and sudden inactivity in an active dog.


Homeopathy is a treatment regime based on the belief that very small doses of a toxic substance can relieve the same symptoms that an excessive dose will cause.


Miniscule doses of poison ivy can give your dog relief.

Rhus toxicondendron, also called poison ivy or poison oak, is one homeopathic treatment for canine arthritis. Bryonia, or wild hops, is another homeopathic remedy that may relieve swollen, stiff joints and pain.


According to the homeopathic approach, which is not supported by scientific studies, too much poison ivy exposure can cause swelling, but a tiny dose can relieve the painful swelling in your dog’s joints. Similarly, a minute dosage of wild hops, which is toxic in large doses, may give your pup relief from pain and stiffness.

Expert Insight

Keep your dog jumping with a proven arthritis treatment.

Homeopet, a veterinarian-founded manufacturer of homeopathic pet treatments, says that it has tested its products in professionally conducted clinical trials. Homeopet’s treatment for canine arthritis contains a variety of homeopathic herbs, including poison oak.


A pain-free pet is the best result.

Proper dosage of a homeopathic treatment may give your pet relief from pain without the side effects of prescription medications. Add a diet rich in fresh vegetables, short walks to relieve stiffness, and plenty of love.

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