Homeopathic Back Pain Remedy

Back pain can be caused by stress, the overworking of the back, bad posture, weight issues or injury. While there are many medicines for the treatment of back pain, there are a few potent but completely safe homeopathic remedies known to be quite effective in treating these ailments.

Arnica and Nux Vomica

Popularly known for its potency in dealing with pains and injuries due to tissue and muscle strain, arnica is helpful in treating back pain when applied locally as a cream or gel. Pain due to cramps in the back, made better by warmth, can be effectively treated with nux vomica. Keep some of this homeopathic remedy handy if you are prone to back pain that becomes worse with cold or at night, or if you have constipation related back pain.

Sulphur and Bryonia

In case you have a weak back, that makes you slouch or makes standing up for a long time difficult, sulphur should be the perfect remedy for such a condition. With this remedy, remember not to apply warmth to the back, as this might increase the ache and swelling of the muscles underneath. When your back pain becomes increasingly worse and excruciatingly sharp with slight motion like changing of posture, or turning or coughing or even walking, try the homeopathic remedy of bryonia. This has been known to be beneficial for injury or ailment related back pains.

Calcarea Carbonica and Calcerea Phosphorica

Calcarea carbonica has been known to ease pain of the lower back and aid in treating weakness of the muscle, that results in a dull ache and swelling, made worse by moisture and cold. This remedy is particularly effective in a patient who feels cold and easily tired or is heavier than normal. Spinal muscle and joint stiffness and pain of the upper back and cervical region can be effectively cured with calcarea phosphorica.

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Other Homeopathic Remedies

There are many other homeopathic remedies to cure back pain. Cimicifuga is known to treat back pain down to the hips and thighs, especially within bouts of depression during menstrual periods. Dulcamara cures pain in the back that gets worse with stooping and is set off by a cold or damp. Ignatia treats pains and spasms in the back related to emotional stress. You can also try aesculus for pain in the deep lower back caused by vein congestion and hemorrhoids. Finally, ruta graveolens is known for easing stiff muscles caused by sprains and other injuries.