Homeopathic Anxiety Relief

According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, about 40 million Americans over age 18 have some kind of anxiety disorder. For the rest of us, anxiety may come and go, but while it’s around, it can be taxing. Several homeopathic remedies can be useful in relieving the feeling of tension and worry.

Aconite for General Anxiety

Aconite is the most frequently used homeopathic remedy for anxiety. It is especially good for fears that won’t go away and for the experience of anxiety brought on by a sudden shock. It’s a good general remedy that can be helpful to a variety of people dealing with a variety of situations.

Whenever taking a homeopathic remedy, start with the lowest potency possible, which is the least dilute; according to homeopathy, the more dilute a remedy is, the stronger it is. For chronic anxiety, look for a 6C remedy, and follow the directions on the label for daily dosage instructions. For an anxiety attack, use a 30C remedy.

Remedies for Specific Situations

Getting ready for that big speech or job interview? A dose of Argentum might help. This homeopathic remedy is great for the anxiety that occurs before a big event, such as speaking in public or getting married.

Alternatively, Gelsemium might be useful in such a nerve-wracking situation. Gelsemium is helpful when the anxiety is caused by crowds or tests.

A feeling of emotional upset, particularly grief or disappointment, accompanied by anxiety, can be relieved with the remedy Ignatia.

Remedies Suited to Personality

Kali phosphoricum can be helpful to a person who is exhausted from overwork and feels jumpy.

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For a capable individual who feels anxious when presented with a new task, Silicea can bring relief, as can Aurum.

Someone who feels inadequate and hides this behind a front may find the remedy Lycopodium helpful.

A person who is at the core shy and comes across as aloof may feel anxious, especially in social situations. The remedy Natrum mur can help this kind of person.