Homemade Natural Flea Spray For Dogs

Chemicals found in products to kill fleas and ticks are highly toxic and can harm your pets. Homemade flea sprays are non-toxic and inexpensive but are only one step in battling fleas. Time and effort are also needed to help control the flea population.

Vinegar Spray

Fleas hate the taste and smell of vinegar. Mix equal amounts of either apple cider or all-purpose vinegar and water. Spray on your dog and work in with your hands, then let dry. Repeat every couple of days and in between baths. This can also be misted on furniture, pillows, curtains and bedding. Add different -smelling oils for it to act as a natural deodorizer on furniture.

Lemon Spray

Fleas do not like the taste of lemon and a lemon spray is a natural flea repellent. Cut six lemons in half and boil in a quart of water. Steep for a few hours then pour into a spray bottle. Spray onto your dog carefully, avoiding the eyes. Work into his coat and let dry. Repeat once or twice a day for a heavy flea infestation and in between baths.

Shampoo Spray

If you use a flower-scented shampoo, you can use it to make another gentle flea spray. Dilute in water and spray on your dog liberally and let air dry. To repel fleas, use often and in between baths.

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